Beranda » Lesti Kejora Lebih Memilih Rizky Billar daripada Ayahnya?

Lesti Kejora Lebih Memilih Rizky Billar daripada Ayahnya?

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Lesti Kejora seemed intimate with Rizky Billar when announcing the reported case of domestic violence had been terminated.Lesti said she was confident in the decision to withdraw the report and believed her husband would change.

“Insha Allah, hopefully I believe that all this time I have also learned to be a good wife, and my husband has also learned to be a better husband,” said Lesti Kejora to reporters at the South Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters recently.

Lesti’s decision was controversial.Many even asked about the blessing of Endang Mulyana, Lesti’s father.Because it is known that Lesti’s father made a report to the police.Lesti was reluctant to say that she prefers her husband over her father.According to Lesti, both of them are very meaningful in her life.

“Both of them are the same, no matter what my parents want, so this is a family agreement, and the big family decides this decision,” explained Lesti Kejora.

Lesti also apologized to all the people who were disappointed with her attitude.But Lesti also remained in her stance.

“For the people of Indonesia, Dede apologizes because of what has happened this disaster may create unrest for the community. But God willing, this decision is the best decision, God willing, for our family,” concluded Lesti Kejora.

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